Camo Overalls

Last spring my sweetie had me go to Fabricland and buy a bunch of their camouflage fabric to make him some overalls for hunting.  We're in new territory, and none of his camo matches the foliage around here and none of it is heavy enough for some of the winter hunting he'll be doing up here.

SO, I made him a camo hoodie a while back and ventured to put together a pair of overalls for him to take up north with him for the moose hunt this week.

The fabric of choice for this project is Mossy Oak Forest Floor camo, and I believe it's treated with some kind of waterproofing.  It is a heavy material, soft and a bit nappy/fuzzy on the outside, but not very soft or smooth on the inside.  As they were to be overalls, the weight was what mattered, and not a comfy material for wearing against ones skin.  I was unable to iron the fabric at all without using a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric.  Otherwise it would stick to my iron (that was a bit messy to clean off!), so that slowed me down a bit.

But, it was a doable project, and my sweetie is thoroughly pleased with the finished product.  He probably couldn't buy a better made pair of overalls!  I didn't count hours, but I spent a few days working on it.  So he probably can't afford to pay me for my time and skill either!  LOL!

Here's a slideshow of the finished project:

I'm not sewing anymore clothes for a while if I can keep from it. I have some quilting projects that seriously need to be completed! :)

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