Grade 2 Baby Quilt

My youngest son started his school year off with 2 teachers.  His afternoon teacher was having a baby, and meant to work until May before having her baby hopefully late in May.  She ended up having to leave work early for bed rest and had her baby a bit early.  The children in class love this teacher and have missed her VERY much.  Having done a similar project with a grade 1 class a few years ago, I offered to help the class make a quilt as a gift for the teacher and her new daughter.

The children each colored their own block with fabric markers and then I put it all together!

TADA!  The finished product!  A VERY girly, very bright baby quilt! (names smudged for posting the pics here - not just messy coloring!)

A bit of a close up of the quilt

The children are in French Immersion so many of the greetings are in French, which is fun!

The back of the quilt - a nice polka-dotted fabric with a marbled binding.  You can see a bit of the machine quilting here as well - just stitch in the ditch along the blocks and sashes.

I can't wait to give it to the teacher.  She is going to be so surprised... she has no idea we're doing this! :)  I think she'll be pleased!  (If I remember correctly, the last teacher cried when she got her quilt like this!)

side note:  (the first paragraphs in the post are coming out with smaller print and I can't quite figure out why.  It shows FINE in the html of the post editor here in blogger and when I try to change it, it doesn't change anything.  I apologize for the small print.)

Grade 3 Art Quilt Project

My son attends an integrated arts school, so art of all kinds is used in nearly every aspect of learning.  I offered to do a class project with his Grade 3 class this year for their Art block in May and June.

Stage 1 was learning about quilts, selecting a theme and choosing blocks to make. 

Stage 2 was making the blocks (piecing/sewing and fabric coloring). 

Stage 3 was cutting the sashing and setting squares. 

Stage 4 was piecing the quilt. 

Stage 5 was quilting.

The children were active in every stage but Stage 5 (partly because of time constraints).

It's all finished now, and it's GORGEOUS! They are so proud!

I'm going to publish a series of posts describing each stage of the project, because I learned a lot doing this, and will likely want to do something like this again in the future.

It was LOTS of fun (and lots of work) but the kiddos LOVED doing it and were a great group to work with!  What great memories!  The finished quilt will hang in a common area of the school.

Quick Little Gift Bag

Yesterday we got a present for my Daughter's friend for her birthday.  She picked 2 great big velvet coloring posters.  In fact, she got her this exact same one shown at YouColorPosters (cute little puppy dogs) and one that has a big heart with the word LOVE on it.

We got home and realized that we didn't have any gift bags big enough for the big posters.... And all the wrapping materials are up in the attic.  (I don't go into the attic unless I absolutely have to, and I can't find anything up there when I do go...)  And no time to go back to the store.  HMPH.

So, being crafty, I measured out some fabric I had from some other project and put together a cute little gift bag.

There it is, leaned up on my couch to snap a quick pic.

The Nativity

My latest quilting project is completed.  I donated it to our church youth group - they are doing a Silent Auction for a fundraiser to raise money for the team to go on a missions trip to Mexico.

The Nativity

This is a small wall-hanging, about 15" x 18".  It was pieced using the paper-piecing technique.  A nice little project, with quite a few teeny pieces to put together!  (Pattern by Sweet Peas, Inc.)

This is the back of the hanging - a fun tie-dye fabric I had from something else I had taken apart.  You can see on the back better than the front (in the photos anyway) that there are stars quilted in the stipple stitch in the 'sky'.

It was a fun project to do, and I have another one about 1/3 completed.  I hope to post it on my Artfire or Etsy shop when I get it done.

I've donated a few quilts to auctions now, and I'm quite happy to contribute in this way.  I hope the bidders are pleased as well!

Pattern: Silent Night (#630), by Sweet Peas, Inc.  Redmond, WA, USA

Quilt Index (21)

Right now, these quilts 'live' on my original blog.  They'll be moved over in time.  But for now, you can click the links below to view them on the other blog.

(index will be updated each time I add a quilt)

My Coral Quilt

Bits of Coral

Sampler Quilt I made to keep for myself.

Purple Pizzaz

Purple Pizzaz Quilt

Sampler Quilt Made for my Sister.

t-shirt quilt

Custom T-Shirt Quilt

T-shirts provided by the customer, designed together to highlight these precious memories.

Angel crop

* Heralding Angel Quilt *

Stained Glass Wall Hanging

teacher side with flip

Teacher Gift Quilt

Reversible Table Runner

Teacher gifts 2007

Reversible table runners

sleepover quilt 2

Sleepover Doll Quilt

Little Girl's Quilt with handmade dollies and their own little beds

Katie's Baby Quilt 1
Simple Baby Quilt

Small quilt for putting over car seat / infant carrier or just tucking into the diaper bag to use on the floor or lawn.

Graham's Quilt front crop
Noah's Ark Baby Quilt

Crib Quilt

Gathering Stars crop
"Gathering Stars" Quilt

Queen-sized patriotic patchwork quilt - Patience Block pattern inverted

Christmas Side detail
Reversible Holiday Table Runner

Thanksgiving / Christmas themes

12 march 2007 013
Kokopelli Themed Quilt

Southwestern style Ohio Star pattern - wall hanging

Papo's Lap Quilt
"Funny Farm" Quilt

Lap Quilt made from pieced blocks and printed panels

Love you this much
I Love You T-H-I-S Much Quilt

Appliqued wall hanging - a fun children's quilt

Two Forever Stars
Two Forever Stars

A shorter table runner, with paper-pieced nautical stars

Teacher's Baby Quilt front
Teacher's Baby Quilt

Tribute / Memory Crib quilt made using students drawings as a gift for teacher and her new baby

Camping out crop
Camping Out Quilt

Wall-hanging or table top quilt in an outdoor theme - appliqued flannels

Katie's Laundromat
Katie's Laundromat Quilt

Wall-hanging to hang in a laundry room - applique with fun details

Jamie's Quilt
Plains Indian Quilt

Queen sized quilt made with printed panels

sewing machine hanging
Silly Sewing Machine Quilt

Paper-pieced wall-hanging with button embellishments

GG's quilt 2 crop

1st Sampler Quilt

Chicken Quilt - a bit larger than lap size - each block is different!

Now taking orders for quilts like these
as well as custom made-to-order quilts of all sizes.

for more details!

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