Just Call Me a Cobbler!

Today, I added a new job the list of things I have done!  Just call me a cobbler!

(Not like a cobbler that you eat... a cobbler that makes shoes!)

See, my NukNuuk slipper fell apart:

I just LOVE these slippers and wear them every day, most of the time.  In Canada, as a general rule, we take off our outdoor shoes when we come inside, but my feet get cold so I always pull my slippers on.  Plus, these have a nice sole on them, like a real shoe almost, which I really like.  I have walked hundreds of miles around my house in these slippers!  And now, it seems that I have just about worn them out.

They aren't completely worn out, though, even if this one is 'broken'. The side of the slipper had just come unsewn from the base. So I decided to try to sew it back together.


I had to sew it by hand with an upholstery needle, and thankfully most of the time I could use existing holes in the leather.  There was the odd time when I had to make new holes, and the hardest part was going through the NukNuuk label.  I couldn't figure out if I could take the label out without loosening the threads that were holding the bottom of the side piece together, so I left the label in and had to work HARD to get the needle through all the layers in that area.

My Sweetie bought me these slippers for our anniversary a couple of years ago, and they weren't the $10 Wal-Mart ones either.  They have served me well, but I didn't want to chuck them if I didn't have to.  I'm glad I was able to fix the shoe!  Even if I only get a few more miles out of these...

So now I can add "cobbler" to the many titles I hold - or at least shoe repairer!  LOL!

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