A Different Kind of Wall-Hanging

Who needs a $160 antler mounting kit? Not my sweetie and I. Just give us the pieces of an old oak table, some screws, wood filler, varnish, some quilt batting and camo fabric - all things we had on hand around the house. Then VOILA!

Axis Deer Antlers

My Sweetie mounted these Axis antlers from our friends' wild game ranch down in Texas. We babysat the ranch for them 2 summers ago for a week so our friends could go on holidays.  My husband shot an axis deer buck while we were there, and we never found it... In reward for his efforts, though, he got to choose a set of the antlers that they collect around the ranch every year after the shed.  So, he calls this, "The One that Got Away".

It is now hanging on just about the only wall we can put it on - the big open space above our front door. The issue is that antlers are heavy, so it has to be hung on the only stud in that wall, which is centered over the door opening, NOT center on the wall itself. LOL!

That's where it lives now! Need to find a little something to put opposite of it to make the wall more balanced.

(P.S. - we are aware that axis antlers actually sit closer together and go more UP than out, but, you work with what you've got!)

I did help a bit with the batting and fabric covering the center block.  We needed to get a good 'poof' over the middle part while getting the fabric wrapped around to the back and secured in place.  YAY for staple guns!

I have an avid big game hunter in the house - I have a freezer full of venison, a deer skin on my coffee table and now antlers on the wall. It is what it is, and I'm proud of his skill as a hunter - so he can show it off however he wants to! :)

I think it looks great, very professional, too! And he did it all this morning! That's my man!

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